I am pretty sure everyone has been to Buffalo Wild Wings at some point in their life. Bdubs is one of my favorite places to go, especially on a Monday or Thursday. You get 50 percent off boneless wings or bone in wings. I decided to go to Bdubs this weekend. I went to the one located on 1218 Randolph Street, Detroit, MI 48226.

You are bound to wait about 30 minutes or more if you go to Bdubs downtown on a weekend. The environment was diverse and relaxing. The person who had greeted me was very polite. They had a smile on their face and they made sure to keep me informed about the wait. When I finally sat down, I already knew what I wanted.  I had twelve boneless wings, potato wedges, water, and a chocolate fudge sundae. I had honey barbecue on one half and mild on the other half. Honey barbecue and mild sauce mixed together will provide you with that sweet spicy taste. Your belly will thank you for the combination!

If you have not noticed, I am a potato fanatic! I love everything about them, from their texture to their taste. Bdubs have some of the best wedges around. Their potato wedges are always cooked to perfection! It always had the right amount of seasoning and crunch to it. I saved the best part for last, my chocolate sundae. I did not have whipped cream, due to them not having any. However, it did not taste any differently.

Overall, I enjoyed myself over the weekend and going to Buffalo Wild Wings. The wait staff was amazing, and they made me feel welcomed. I know Bdubs is in many places and if you are ever visiting Detroit, I recommend dinning in and having some great food.

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